• Redwood

            Just an hour and half from Melbourne CBD, off Cement Creek Road in East Warburton, lies a magical redwood forest.  

  • 6 things travelling has made me thankful for

    Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on what you are thankful for. This year, I’m reflecting on the top 6 things that travelling has made me thankful for- 1. Creating new memories Travelling often pushes us to take a break from our mundane routined lives, and do things that you otherwise wouldn’t. This year I […]

  • 8 things to do in Dubai, U.A.E.

    Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates that is no doubt developing quickly and becoming popular to many tourists. It is a developer’s playground with heaps of vast flat land to plant in fancy skyscrapers and gigantic attractions. While there are more and more things to do, these are the top 8 things that you […]

  • 8 Things To Do in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

    Yogyakarta, also known as Jogjakarta or ‘Jogja’, is located in Central Java, Indonesia. A lovely destination for a weekend escape, a stopover, or a longer journey to soak yourself in history, art and culture. 1. Visit the impressive Borobudur Temple Technically not in Jogja but accessible by car only an hour away, the 9th century temple […]

  • Photo Series: Tonlé Sap

    We embarked on a journey to Tonlé Sap via Unique Kayak Tours and it was the best experience I had in Cambodia to date. We pretty much had one whole section of the lake to ourselves and were able to kayak along the calm waters, meet the villages and observe how they got along with their daily […]

  • 8 things to do in Siem Reap, Cambodia

    Cambodia is easily on the top of my favourite countries to visit in South East Asia. It is rich in history, the people are the friendliest bunch and the food is great. I visited Siem Reap in January 2014 and wished I had stayed longer. Here are my suggestions on the things to do when in Siem […]

  • Photo Series: Montmartre

    Essentially a large hill in Paris’s 18th arrondissement, Montmartre might seem like a neon strip of nightclubs at first glance, plus a line tourists queuing up outside Moulin Rouge. Don’t be misled by following the herd instinct and make a beeline up the hill, take a picture on the steps of the basilica, get conned […]

  • Photo Series: Jardin Majorelle

    Quick facts: The Jardin Majorelle, or the Majorelle Garden, is a twelve-acre botanical garden located outside the medina of Marrakech. The garden is designed by expatriate French artist Jacques Majorell during the colonial period when Morocco was a protectorate of France. Fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent took over the ownership and maintained the garden from […]