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Having travelled to several cities, well I wouldn’t brag and say I’m anywhere near ‘seeing the world’ yet, but I have to date a digital library full of photos, itineraries, travel tips; and a mental library full of stories. I decided to start this blog to sort through my stuff and categorise them accordingly. Many people have asked me about tips and suggestions for their upcoming holidays, and while it has always been my pleasure to share (sometimes a little over-excitedly),  I thought I’d put together ‘Things to Do’ lists for the cities I have been to.

Please note that what you see on ‘Things to Do’ are mainly suggestions for people who are visiting the city possibly for the first time. It is meant to guide you in checking off iconic attractions as a tourist as well as taking on a few authentic experiences to feel like a part of the city in a short time. Nevertheless, as a resident of Australia, Malaysia and Singapore, I will be sharing more alternative things to do in these countries from a local’s perspective. Stay tune!

10 things about me:


1. I am 25 years old. Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, living in Melbourne, Australia.

2. I used to work as a marketer at Universal Studios Singapore @ Resorts World Sentosa where I developed a passion for attractions marketing.

3. I love to travel, and I have been travelling as far and much as time and money allow me to, especially in the past 6 months since I quit my job.

4. I am a TV Junkie. I watch too many TV shows for my own good. 6,745 hours of my life in fact (yes I counted).

5. I also read too many Wikipedia pages. Unfortunately I do not have super memory to remember all the useful facts.

6. I love to try new recipes in the kitchen but nobody eats them as my plating is horrible.

7. I dream a lot. Almost everyday really, and I tend to remember my dreams. They’re random, weird, morbid and surreal.

8. I have an obsession with creating lists, and I take pleasure in crossing them off.

9. I play the piano pretty well. I also play the guitar mediocrely, and the recorder terribly.

10. I am awful in writing descriptions about myself.

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